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  • Wolfgang Stifter, Der Trojanische Krieg, 2016 © Wolfgang Stifter
    Wolfgang Stifter, Der Trojanische Krieg, 2016 © Wolfgang Stifter

Kunstverein Mistelbach

In 2018 only the Baroque palace will be available as an exhibition venue for the Kunstverein Mistelbach. The hall in the MAMUZ museum centre is no longer open. The year begins with the illustrator Florian Raditsch and continues with the painter and illustrator Wolfgang Stifter. Before the summer Andrea Schnell is again meeting Joachim Hoffmann. On 1 September the 30th anniversary of the Blaugelbe Gallery is celebrated and at the same time an exhibition with the winners of the 2017 Lower Austria Culture Prize is opening. This is followed by Karl Korab together with Florian Schaumberger. As always, the year ends with the salon of the Art Association members.



Museumgasse 4 (Barockschlössel), 2130 Mistelbach
+43 (0) 2572-3844


Opening hours
Sat. Sun.
14 – 18

» All Exhibitions

09.03.2018 - 02.04.2018
Florian Raditsch
im Kabinett Georg Swatschina
06.04.2018 - 29.04.2018
Wolfgang Stifter
im Kabinett Christiana Simons
04.05.2018 - 03.06.2018
Andrea Schnell, Joachim Hoffmann
im Kabinett Brigitte Hassan
01.09.2018 - 30.09.2018
Barbara Kapusta, Jakob Gasteiger, Stefan Zsaitsits
02.11.2018 - 25.11.2018
Karl Korab, Florian Schaumberger
05.12.2018 - 30.12.2018
Salon 18
Jahresausstellung Kunstverein Mistelbach

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